Beneficial treatment could be simply gender based or racial

Beneficial treatment could be simply gender based or racial

Many times corporations face issues from employees claiming others are being treated more beneficial given the same experience. That this beneficial treatment could be simply gender based or racial.
•Discuss how you could establish a proper compensation policy that provides incentives to your employees to be as productive as possible and avoiding issues of discrimination based on gender or race.

How perspective of morality relate to ethical reasoning

How perspective of morality relate to ethical reasoning

In teaching about moral development, instructors often point out the threefold nature of morality:

It depends on emotional development (in the form of ability to feel guilt or shame), social development (manifested by the recognition of the group and the importance of moral behavior for the group’s existence), and cognitive development (especially the ability to adopt another’s perspective).

How does this perspective of morality relate to ethical reasoning by accountants and auditors?

Write paper that discuss importance of reputation management

Write paper that discuss importance of reputation management

Importance of Reputation Management

Write a paper that discusses the importance of reputation management in relation to an organization’s credibility. If a PR person only has their credibility to offer and is only as good as his or her deserved reputation, how can social media help or harm that reputation?

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

• Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
• Use font size 12 and 1″ margins.
• Include cover page and reference page.
• At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
• No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.

• Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.

• Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.

Describe steve jobs management style

Describe steve jobs management style

1. Consider the post 2000 period for Apple. What do you think were the driving forces that led to Apple’s phenomenal success to become the world’s largest company by market capitalisation? How did Apple identify and capitalise on market trends? How did they achieve global success? Which companies lost market share? Which market segments grew as a result of Apple’s strategies?

2. Describe Steve Jobs’ management style. What was it like working for Jobs? How would describe the culture at Apple? How would you rate Apple in terms of social responsibility and managerial ethics? Has Tim Cook adopted a different style?

3. Provide an overview of Apple’s current market position. Why has it declined from its pinnacle of market leadership in the smartphone and tablet segments? Is Apple ISYS360 Assignment One Page 1 Semester 3, 2014 losing its ‘cool’? Why did Apple fail to adequately defend its market position? Will Android eventually destroy iOS? Apple had a first mover’s advantage, market leadership in its major segments and a massive cash flow to fund investment.

4. Apple has recently launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and announced the Apple Watch. Why did Apple choose these directions? Is Apple playing catch up? If you were the CEO, how would you steer new product development at Apple? The Board and shareholders would certainly like to see Apple regain its reputation as the market innovative, not follower. Is this possible or is Apple going to decline? Considering the large technology companies, which one would be your first choice for employment? Why?

Prepare a complete information security management plan

Prepare a complete information security management plan

You have been hired as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a hospital. During the former CISO’s tenure, your new boss, the Chief Information Officer, commissioned an outside consulting firm to conduct a risk assessment of the hospital’s network. The consultant delivered the completed risk assessment that is the companion to this exam and after reading it, the CEO and the Board of Directors demanded answers from the CIO. The CIO explained that your predecessor, the CISO, was hired specifically to “take charge” of information assurance at the hospital and that he and he alone was responsible for the bad results of the outside consultant’s risk assessment. As a further demonstration to the Board of Directors and the CEO that he meant business, the CIO fired the CISO. After you were hired as the new CISO, the CIO directed you to implement its recommendations over the next three months.

Drawing from the textbooks and class discussions, please prepare a complete information security management plan to implement the risk assessment’s recommendations pursuant to the CIO’s directions. Your finished product may be in outline form, but must include sufficient narrative to explain the contents of your plan. You do not have to write policies, but you may make policy recommendations as part of your management plan.

If you decide to use materials published in other documents, please cite to your sources to avoid any implication of plagiarism.

Discuss the positive or negative impacts of competition

Discuss the positive or negative impacts of competition

Discussion Question:

Some experts say that competition helps keep medical costs down, yet others disagree.

Do you think that competition In the healthcare business keeps prices down, pushes prices up, or has no effect on prices? Justify your response with examples and a reference.

Discuss the positive or negative impacts of competition in healthcare on the patient.

Challenges based on the organizational structure

Challenges based on the organizational structure


Your boss likes the directions that your recommendations have been going, and you have been asked to further develop the plan. The board and chief financial officer (CFO) will need to budget and plan for change implementation, but the health information management (HIM), compliance, and medical departments are concerned about compliance breach risk exposure.

For this project, I need to write a paper of 6-7 pages with at least 5 relevant and contemporary references that discusses the following:

• Continuing with the changes that you have suggested previously for the same organization that you chose in Unit 1, determine the implementation challenges for management and operations, marketing, finance and accounting, research and development, and information systems, focusing on compliance and breach protocols.

• Provide suggestions to overcome the challenges based on the organizational structure, communication methods, and training. Include a time line that indicates the timing at which each change should be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.

create a booklet about the field of forensic psychology for potential students.

create a booklet about the field of forensic psychology for potential students.

create a booklet about the field of forensic psychology for potential students.
Potential students often look for guidance regarding the programs that they are considering. You are a program assistant at a local university. You have been asked by
your department chair (psychology) to create a booklet about the field of forensic psychology for potential students. This booklet will be given out at information
sessions and will be sent to students requesting more information. The department chair asks you to create this booklet with the undecided student in mind, remembering
that while you don’t want to scare students away, you also want to be truthful about the field. She asks for the following information to be included:
A description of the educational levels required and recommended (i.e. what can a MA level forensic psychologist do, versus a Doctorate level professional). Different
roles that a forensic psychologist can take. This can include roles in the court and out as well as research possibilities. (2 pages)
A discussion of each of the following and discuss why is it important that all forensic psychologists need to be well-versed in them (3 pages):
Case Law
Specific Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and why they are important
Important past research in the field
Diversity issues
Ethical considerations
An analysis of at least three aspects of the American judicial system (such as eyewitness testimony, transfer of juveniles to criminal court, etc.), which are impacted
most heavily by psychology and psychological research (3 pages). Be sure to discuss:
Three aspects of the American judicial system
How psychology has impacted these aspects
One research study for each aspect that is considered pivotal, classic or ground breaking in the field.
By Monday, March 20, 2017 deliver your assignment to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox.
Your booklet needs to be at least 8 pages long. Because it is an informational booklet, it will not be formatted like a formal paper, but should be professionally and
attractively presented. Please remember that all citations should follow APA formatting rules, and the majority of the information should be in a formal academic
writing style. However, a minority of the information can be written in bulleted format.

Global Logistic/Transportation

Global Logistic/Transportation

Global Logistic/Transportation
Discussion: Global Logistic/Transportation

Amazon is losing money in logistics (see link). You can do an information search and find out they have been losing money on logistics for a number of years now.

Amazon Lost $7 billion in 2016 – Geekwire

The class has been divided into 5 different groups. Each student has been assigned to one group and only one group. The groups are: Ocean Freight Transportation, Air
Freight Transportation, Semi Truck transportation, Local Delivery and Logistics Strategy. These are the same primary modes of transportation Amazon is investing in
currently. I did not includes Drones on the list, they are only test phase or in very limited commercial use for delivery services at this time.

Each of the transportation mode groups will list the advantages and disadvantages to Amazon of investing in their one mode of transportation. For example the Air
Freight Transportation Group will make a list of the advantages and disadvantages to Amazon of investing in Air Freight capabilities. The Ocean transportation group
will provide a list of the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon investing in ocean freight capabilities. The local delivery group will do the same for local delivery
services and the semi truck group will do the same for semi trucks (large tractor-trailer trucks with trailers typically 53 feet long in the USA).

The logistics strategy group will decide on which one of the transportation modes is most important for Amazon to invest in. This group will discuss why they think
this one mode of transportation is more important than all the others to Amazon.

The purpose of this exercise is explore how logistics is being used as a strategic tool by a company that is disrupting the retailing industry across the globe. It
will help us become familiar with the content in Chapters 11-13 in our textbook in what I hope is a interesting learning experience. Over the last few decades the
logistics industry has become increasingly consolidated. In the parcel business we have 4 dominant operators USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL (these are considered local delivery
operations). The ocean container industry is going through a dramatic consolidation now, as is the semi trucking industry).

While these industries are undergoing consolidation all of a sudden, Amazon, and I believe Alibaba also, are making huge investments in logistics. Why are they
attempting to enter into these consolidating industries is a good question for students of business to research. We will take some basic steps and look at the
advantages and disadvantages of different modes of transportation and a brief look at how they might fit for Amazon. I have no more insights than you have, we are all
learning by watching what is happening.

I have created 5 discussion boards, one for each group. I will also send an email to you with the group you have been assigned to randomly by D2L. Once you receive the
email on Monday Feb 27, feel free to contact each other or make individual postings. Make sure to review what each other has posted in your group. I want to see at
least one advantage or disadvantage from each person in the group. So don’t try and list everything you can think of, and don’t just retype what another member of your
group has already posted. I want to see that each student is actively learning and making a contribution. This is a discussion worth 5 points, it is not an individual
research paper. Sharing with each other in the group is an important part of learning.

Think of your group as advising the Amazon management team as to the advantages and disadvantages of your mode of transportation to Amazon. The Logistics Strategy also
only needs to focus on one mode of transportation, they need to recommend which one of the modes should be a top priority for Amazon.

Local Delivery Transportation
List the advantages and disadvantages to Amazon of investing in local delivery transportation capabilities.


We decided to do it individually. So one of my group member post this:

An advantage for Amazon investing in local delivery capabilities would be that they are able to accommodate fast delivery that Amazon guarantees. By investing in local
delivery capabilities Amazon would be able to control their delivery times, increasing the speed of deliveries when needed. This is important to a company like Amazon,
that offers 2 day and even 2 hour free shipping to its Amazon Prime members

Biology Human Organism

Biology Human Organism

Biology Human Organism
READ CHAPT 7 Case A ITS QUESTIONS ARE ON PAGE 151 Please answer the questions

The Spotlight ON PAGE 88 IS ONE of the most interesting because it was ORIGINALLY decided with a psychologist in mind but has been applied to genetics, medicine and

The topic covered in this chapter is VERY controversial. One of the problems that people see in biotechnology is the changing of genomes (of plants, animals and
viruses too)

Make a chart of the pluses (ADVANTAGES) and minuses (DISADVANTAGES) of GMOs.

Recently a gene patenting case case came before the US supreme Court. Look it up and list the following: what was the reason for the case; who won the case; how
might this affect future science?

rDNA is actually simple as shown on page 149. The scissors are only a metaphor for restriction enzymes that cut the DNA in certain areas.

In this assignment imagine a rDNA organism (plant, virus, bacteria or animal) that you would like to be developed (you can use your imagination…

Draw it and tell how it would work. Then name it and write a plan to sell it.