Biology Human Organism

Biology Human Organism

Biology Human Organism
READ CHAPT 7 Case A ITS QUESTIONS ARE ON PAGE 151 Please answer the questions

The Spotlight ON PAGE 88 IS ONE of the most interesting because it was ORIGINALLY decided with a psychologist in mind but has been applied to genetics, medicine and

The topic covered in this chapter is VERY controversial. One of the problems that people see in biotechnology is the changing of genomes (of plants, animals and
viruses too)

Make a chart of the pluses (ADVANTAGES) and minuses (DISADVANTAGES) of GMOs.

Recently a gene patenting case case came before the US supreme Court. Look it up and list the following: what was the reason for the case; who won the case; how
might this affect future science?

rDNA is actually simple as shown on page 149. The scissors are only a metaphor for restriction enzymes that cut the DNA in certain areas.

In this assignment imagine a rDNA organism (plant, virus, bacteria or animal) that you would like to be developed (you can use your imagination…

Draw it and tell how it would work. Then name it and write a plan to sell it.