One of the biggest problems an online retailer faces is the failure to create "clicks to bricks" order fulfillment systems.

the slow growth of online purchasers from consumers living outside the U.S.

customers' tendencies to get to the checkout and leave the website without concluding the purchase.

the difficulty of actually placing the online purchase.

the lack of "spontaneous" rather than planned purchases that traditional retailers enjoy.

Kelly is responsible for the paper products in the grocery store where she works. She considers herself an expert; she knows all about the various manufacturers, the types of products they sell, and even how consumers use these items. She is responsible for what to order, how much to order, and how to price these products in the store. Kelly is engaged in __________ for the store. merchandise scrambling

shopper marketing


category management

multichannel retailing

How are television home shopping channels trying to attract new audiences? by offering many anti-aging products at cheaper prices than drug stores

through the use of very limited offerings at high prices to add exclusivity

by using young celebrities like the Kardashians and LeAnn Rimes

by focusing on a large range of athletic apparel for men

by using closed caption subtitles in Spanish

Merchandise line refers to the number of variations such a size, color, and price, of a given product a manufacturer produces.

the natural evolution of one product into an entire product line.

a method of classifying sales based upon the type and number of lines a retailer carries.

the number of different types of products a store carries and its relative size of the product assortment.

a method of classification that describes the number of different manufacturers supplying products to a particular retailer

Direct selling is likely to grow in markets that have an excellent infrastructure.

where convenience is relatively unimportant.

in which consumers are knowledgeable shoppers.

where there are effective distribution channels.

outside the United States

Pear Tree offers a wide variety of personalized cards, announcements, and stationery, available through its interactive website. Which utility does Pear Tree provide with its ability to customize its products? place





Regional shopping centers often contain two or three anchor stores. An anchor store is any store (usually over 50,000 square feet) that practices scrambled merchandising.

any store that has total annual revenue that exceeds $50 million per year.

any store carrying full breadth and depth of product line.

a well-known national or regional store.

any store that has been operating in the community for at least ten years

The retailing mix includes retail communication, merchandise, and which two other elements? people and process.

location on the wheel of retailing and stage of the retail life cycle.

breadth of product line and depth of product line.

store location and retail pricing.

sales per square foot and same store sales growth

Which type of outlet is MOST LIKELY in the maturity stage of the retail life cycle? business-district retailers

online retailers


single-price stores

single-brand stores

A power center refers to a huge strip mall with multiple anchor (or national) stores.

the oldest retail setting, usually located in the community's downtown area.

a store location with 50 to 150 stores that typically attract customers who live or work within a 5- to 10-mile radius, often containing two or three anchor stores.

a retail location that typically has one primary store (usually a department store branch) and often 20-40 smaller outlets, serving a population of consumers or are within a 10-to 20-mile radius.

a form of scrambled merchandising, which consists of a large store (often more than 200,000 square feet) that offers everything in a single outlet, eliminating the need for consumers to shop at more than one location.

The factor that distinguishes retail outlets based on whether individuals, corporate chains, or contractual systems own the outlet is referred to as __________. type of merchandise line

wheel of retailing

form of ownership

level of service

retail positioning matrix

Original markup refers to the difference between the final selling price and the retailer's cost.

selling brand name merchandise at lower than regular prices.

the difference between the everyday fair price and the everyday low price.

the manufacturer's final retail price (MFRP).

the difference between the retailer's cost and the initial selling price

Discount Fishing Tackle is a shop that carries a large selection of fishing rods and reels, bait, tackle boxes, waders, nets, and a few other fishing implements. Discount Fishing Tackle's breadth of product line would be described as __________ and its depth of product line would be described as __________. broad; shallow

broad; none

narrow; shallow

broad; shallow

narrow; deep

There are two general types of franchises: product-distribution and __________ franchises. retail-format





Jason felt the restaurant was too expensive for his taste as soon as he looked at the menu posted on the outside wall by the entrance and saw the price of a burger was $10. A product used in this way is known as a(n)__________ item. loss-leader





_________ can happen anywhere the customer meets the product and it is the means by which exchange occurs. Wholesaling

Customer service



Direct selling

Specialty discount outlets focus on one type of product, such as office supplies (Staples) or electronics (Best Buy), at very competitive prices. They are referred to as __________ because they often dominate the market. off-price retailers

mass merchandisers



category killers

University dormitories, whose cafeterias aren't open during evenings and weekends, are good locations for automatic vending machines.

direct selling booths.

home shopping studios.

computer terminals for online retailing.

retail kiosks.

Department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus are usually considered __________ retailers. limited-service



customized service

traditional service

T.J. Maxx and Ross stores offer customers the ‘sport' of searching the racks for great deals on brand name products. Both retailers use a(n) __________ retailing strategy. cut-price