Assignment 5.2: Team Analysis

In this assignment, you will evaluate the effectiveness of a team you have participated in by identifying its advantages, problems, and a leadership strategy for improving the performance of the team.


1.Think about a team you have participated on in the past two years. This can be a work-based team or a team established for a large course project in a previous JIU course.

2.Based on what you have learned in the Themes and Exercises in this module, write an analysis of your team’s functioning.

3.Include an analysis of: (1) the team’s advantages based on its diversity, (2) the team’s potential problems that occurred or could occur due to the team’s diversity, (3) a recommended leadership strategy for increasing the advantages and decreasing the problems experienced by the team.

4.Then present an Appreciative Inquiry into the team’s functioning:

?When was the team operating particularly effectively? Think of a time when most members enjoyed working with the team and were proud to be members.
?How could the team best manage itself to have more of these highly effective, pleasurable times?

5.Submit your work to your instructor. Maximum length: 1500 words or 5 pages.