Mid/upper-level management and reflective practice concept

Part A

    What are 3 key things that you would want a mid- or upper-level manager to know about you if you had a chance to make a presentation to him or her?
    Why are the 3 items important to you, and why do you think they would be important pieces of information for your managers?
    If you were going to tell a mid-level manager or senior executive about your own personal history and professional goals in a brief elevator trip, how would you summarize them?
    How might such an elevator speech be of help to you as you move forward?
    Be sure to consider the concepts of speaker, message, audience, and situational awareness as part of your discussion.

Part B

    How do you use and apply the concept of reflective practice in your everyday work and in your career thinking and planning?
    Discuss ways in which your preparation for presentations can make use of the concept of reflective practice.
    How could you use reflective practice, your discipline knowledge, and your understanding of the rhetorical triangle to create an effective, career-related online presence on social media?