The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

1. “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”  Please respond to the following:

For thousands of years, up to the 20th century, the land of Palestine was a homeland for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In the 20th century, the British got involved in the Middle East in several ways, culminating in the attempt to make Palestine a “Homeland” for European Jews to go to. Based on the e-Activity and Roskin Chapter 8 for this week:


    Hypothesize on what reasons exist for feeling hopeful about the future of the conflict. If there is no reason to feel hopeful, explain why.
    Speculate on the probable future of the dispute based on your readings in Roskin and your familiarity with current events.

2.respond to the following keep separate from the top 50 to 100 words

I am convinced there is no immediate hope for the conflict to be over.  The conflict is been going on for 66 years.  Many leaders have poured time and money for peace negotiation.  There were lots of incentive given to both side to settle for peace.  Unfortunately many attempts have failed.  Israel and Palestine desires are the same.  Besides the settlement disagreement they both are interested in making Jerusalem the capital city of their country.  Palestine’s don’t want Israel recognized as a state.  The world is not aware of exactly what and who is at fault so it becomes very hard to solve this conflict.  The conflict is been going on for long time and I think it is underestimating the circumstance to believe a meeting will solve the problem.