1.Many products are repositioned for a new use or benefit? (Points : 1) True False

Question 2. 2.Terry, a Marketing Manager for Kaplan Foods is working on a break-even analysis. Which of the following describes the per-unit cost of making the product or delivering the service?(Points : 1) Development costs Variable costs Direct fixed costs Fixed costs

Question 3. 3.What type of channel function uses sales literature and product brochures distributed through wholesalers and retailers?(Points : 1) Communication Marketing research Risk taking Negotiation

Question 4. 4.Mike, a Marketing Manager for printers is curious how his biggest competitor beats him on price. He purchases his competitor's product, takes it apart, studies the cost of the components and packaging. What is this process referred to?(Points : 1) Outsourcing. Reverse engineering. Insourcing. Horizontal integration.

Question 5. 5.You are the marketing manager for Doc’s Cola and are working on a product development strategy. Your approach to new product development consists of constant interaction with multidisciplinary team whose members who work together from the beginning of the project to the product's introduction. What type of new product development approach is being used in this scenario?(Points : 1) The classic linear approach The rugby approach The cost-differential approach The target-costing approach