Research Paper for Art Appreciation
(400 words plus answers to reflective questions)
This is the art I chose:

style that the artist painting in or their movement time period : Abstract Expressionism
This paper is in three parts:
The first part of the paper is a biography of an artist within an artistic period (e.g., the Renaissance) or a style (e.g., surrealism, impressionism, cubism, etc.).  The emphasis will be on the artists’ work and NOT on their life stories.  Students need to include (and cite) examples of the artists’ work.
The second half of the paper will be on the artistic style that their artist worked in.  They will also include examples of the artists’ work.
This part of your report needs to include the following:
·         At least 200 words about the style that the artist painting in (e.g., impressionism, cubism, the renaissance, etc.)
·         Include information about other artists in that style
·         Include several pictures labeled with the name of the painting, artist and year
The third part of the paper is reflective.
·         Answer the following questions:
1.    What have you learned from studying your artist’s life?
2.   How has this piece of artwork changed you, or your thinking?
3.   What rating between 1 and 10 would you give this artwork (of the artist NOT your painting? Why?
4.   What does this piece of artwork mean to you?
5.   What would you like to learn more about?