Proposal for 8 page Term Paper
Description: I have an 8 page term paper due later. But I need a 2 page proposal on what the term paper will be about. I also need the same writer that writes this
proposal to write the 8 page term paper, which I will order on Monday when this is recieved. My Topic is Political Leadership and Organization. I need to
compare a few different politicians who display great leadership qualities. Why were they great leaders? What caused them to be such good leaders?
Were they always a leader before politics? I suggest comparing Bill Clinton with a earlier president like FDR, or JFK. And in the other part to compare a
great leader to a bad leader. I suggest New Yorks Mayor Bloomberg, comparing him to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. What I just explained above is what the
8 page term paper should be about, This proposal should be briefly explaing what I am going to be writing about for this term paper. If you have any
other suggestions feel free to use whatever your think will be better. Those were just some of my suggestions. The is the required structure for the 8
Page Term paper.. – Introduction o Topic & Question o Why important o Hypothesis: One paper, one point! o Method (how?) o Summary of results o Plan
of the paper – Theory/ literature o Empirical and/or theoretical gap o Contribution o Literature (only as tool) – Data and Method o Description
Justification – Results o Effects o Uncertainty – Conclusion o Brief summary o Shortcomings o Potential for future research o Normative implications