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Learning Plan 6

Target Competency 
Identify situations in which sales people would likely benefit from applying adaptive selling and prospecting techniques.

Directions for Assignment 
Prospects – How and Where to Obtain Them

Most firms want employees to offer suggestions for improvement. In order to accomplish that, most use one of the following two methods: a suggestion box or questionnaires given out to employees. The beauty of such a system is its ease of use and the fact that it is relatively inexpensive. The disadvantage of suggestion boxes and surveys is that many employees refuse to take the time to participate. Plus, it can often seem as though managers aren’t reading the comments anyway.

Eric Reid is a salesperson for 123 Flash Chat. Flash Chat allows employees an anonymous, time-friendly way to chat with each other and managers using an on-line discussion format. The software program has many features that would be of benefit to firms, including such things as ease of use, ease of setup and customization, password protection, complete firewall protection, no extra plug-in software needed, fully featured chat functions, moderator control features, and multilingual support.

Eric is ready to sell his program to businesses and organizations in Spokane, Washington. But first he needs prospects. He started working for Flash Chat this week, and the program hasn’t been sold in this marketplace before.

Write a two-page double-spaced paper answering the following questions: 
1. Which prospecting methods do you think Eric should use?
2. How should Eric qualify the leads he finds? Which qualifying factors will be most important?
3. How should Eric organize his prospecting activities? How should he keep good records?

Please make sure to cite your sources. Include a title page and Reference page (not counted towards page total).