English Writing Assignment 10
Conclusion - Is Child Behavior Better or Worse than it was 50 Years Ago?
Based on your understanding of the “Conclusion/Solution” section of an argument, write a Conclusion/Solution. While you won’t actually complete an essay on this topic, or complete any other section other than the Grounds for this topic, the purpose is for you to really focus on what makes a good Conclusion/Solution and try to practice to writing one. The difficulty in this assignment is in order to write a good Conclusion, you’ll need to actually plan out, however briefly, what an essay on the topic might look like (organization, audience, claim), so that you can best tailor the Case.
You are more than welcome to, and in fact you are encouraged, to do a bit of Googling on what makes a good Conclusion for an argument essay. While a general Conclusion applies to any argument model, the Solution section is associated with the Rogers model. Look up both conclusions and Rogers’ Solution section so that you can write the best section you can.
Type your background section, format it correctly, and upload it to this dropbox by the deadline.