READING BLOCK #8 - IS LINKED ABOVE 'Young Goodman Brown'.



After reading the selection for RB#8, complete


Identify three [3] social issues and write discussion paragraphs for each issue. 

This is the poem : 

Remember that there are key components required for each discussion paragraph. Within each paragraph, you must indicate a topic you extracted from the reading selection. To begin each paragraph, identify the topic as an argumentative issue. Provide background information about the author from the Dictionary of Literary Biography site. This means you must access and read a biographical article on Nathaniel Hawthorn before you can complete this assignment.

 In addition to the background information, you must include direct evidence from the text supporting your assertion in the topic sentence. Additional information required for each discussion paragraph  : explanation of the most effective rhetorical strategy (logos,ethos,pathos) used in discussing each issue you chose based on the evidence you provided; the impact the issue had at the time of the publication and now; specific social groups with which you are familiar and the impact the issue has today.