Briefly answer each question using 1- 4 sentences….

Briefly answer each question using 1-5 sentences. 

Provide a brief explanation of each of the following hypotheses regarding the origin and dispersal of Homo sapiens sapiens: Part (A) Complete Replacement; Part (B) Partial Replacement; and Part (C) Regional Continuity.

Explain how speciation is not a necessary part of the establisment of modern sapiens in each of the other two hypotheses.

Study Figure 14-15 and asssociated text. List five different industries of the Upper Paleolithic cultures based on stone tool technologies. Prepare your list in sequence from the oldest industry to the most recent. 

Name the two oldest industries and identify the geological age of their beginnings

Name the dominant industry of the Middle Paleolithic

Describe the significance of the Lagar Velho skeleton.

Consider the technological innovations of the Upper Paleolithic that resulted in the use of new mateials as well as new and specialized tools. Describe the characteristics of the Solutrean industry.

Provide an explanation of the pressure-flaking technique.

Regarding the Magdalenian industry, describe the atlatl (Figure 14-19) and explain its use and advantage.

Explain the punch technique and its relation to "burins" and their use

Consider the recent discovery of bone tools formed into intricately designed "harpoon-like" tools at Katanda, Africa. State the fossil dates of these tools as determined by thermoluminescence and electron spin resonance