You may use your textbook and outside sources. If you refer to outside sources, please provide the source of your information as a citation at the end of your answer. Write out your answers in a Word document, approximately one half-page, in paragraph form, numbering each answer corresponding to the case, and post your solutions to the discussion board. Remember to include the clues and facts you used to solve the puzzles.

1.A girl developed generalized seizures. A CT scan revealed a single brain lesion consistent with a tumor. Biopsy of the lesion showed a cysticercus. The patient lived in South Carolina and had never traveled outside the state. What parasite caused her disease? How is this disease transmitted? How might it be prevented?
2.A California farmer developed a low- grade fever, myalgia, and cough. A chest X- ray exam revealed an infiltrate in the lung. Microscopic examination of the sputum revealed round, budding cells. A sputum culture grew mycelia and arthroconidia. What organism is most likely the cause of the symptoms? What is causing the man’s disease? How is this disease transmitted? How might it be prevented?
3.A teenaged male in California complained of remittent fever, chills, and headaches. A blood smear revealed ring- shaped cells in his red blood cells. He was successfully treated with primaquine and chloroquine. The patient lives near the San Luis Rey River and has no history of foreign travel, blood transfusion, or intravenous drug use. What is the disease? How was it acquired?

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