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1.The four approaches to understanding stress are:

Homeostatic/medical – This is the standard fight or flight response. When someone is under stress the natural reaction is to relieve this stress. The two actions can be to stay and deal with whatever is causing the stress or to move away from the stress. After either response is used the person returns to their homeostasis which is their internal equilibrium of balance.

Cognitive appraisal – This is more of an individual’s perception of stress. What might seem stressful to one person may not be stressful to another. An example from my personal life is that my wife can become stressed when the house is cluttered and gets stressed out when she begins to think about all the things around the house that need to get done and becomes more stressed out (I have to mention that she is 8 ½ months pregnant so a lot of things stress her out). For me I just start cleaning thing up not thinking about what else needs to get done but just attacking one chore after the next until things are finished up. This is an example of one’s perception determining what is stressful.

Person environment fit – This is when someone has to do something or go somewhere that they are used to doing or going. Stress can become apparent when a person gets put outside of their comfort zone. If someone has to do a job that they are unqualified to perform it can be stressful or if they have to attend a social gathering where they will have to speak or they feel uncomfortable stress can become a factor.

Psychoanalytic – This is when how others perceive you does not line up with how you perceive yourself. Stress occurs when these two perceptions do not line up. Thinking you are able to do something and actually being able to do that something are two different things.

Stress can be managed. According to the Mayo Medical Clinic people need to identify their stress triggers and deal with them accordingly. It also mentions that lifestyle choices are essential in maintaining a healthy stress level. Physical activities, meditation or yoga are all things that people use to manage stress. By understanding that stress is present in all of our lives and acknowledging there are ways that it can be managed people are able to live their lives without being constantly burdened and stressed out.
2.There are many reasons employers should be interested in understanding stress within their workplace. Performance of employees under severe stress (stress beyond a certain point) will lack considerably as those people enduring that stress will start to fail in relation to their assigned duties as their mental capacity to move forward will begin to lack. Even after a project is achieved, it may not be achieved in the expected manner from a financial standpoint as the people enduring the stress would be more prone to health issues which could cause delay in completing the activity or assignment.

It has also been shown that stress among some employees will cause stress among a group of employees that are also part of projects when working in teams. This type of scenario can cause employee turnover which will equate to greater costs in hiring, training, and getting new people to produce. Even in scenarios in which employees endure the stressful situation over a long period there is a chance that quality of the product or service can be diminished which will also hurt the firm's financial strength as that lower quality will likely result in lost customers and revenue.

Stress is a part of my current position. I have to prioritize daily to insure I am not juggling too many balls and then I need to assess my team to insure they aren't juggling too many balls. We are often trying to find different ways to accomplish simple tasks that may not involve manpower but more technology as a way to reduce the workload and stress of some of our people. It is critical that when a leader of an organization recognizes their staff as becoming stressed at their job that they step in to discuss those stressors and finds ways to minimize the stress by modifying the situation or finding more capable people to accomplish the work.
3.Reflective listening is critical in all aspects of communication. It shows the speaker that you are actively listening and engaged in what is being said. By executing the four levels of verbal response in reflective listening you are ensuring the speaker that you value what they are saying and their thoughts. Reflective listening is crucial in the business world as it helps build relationships and trust. I have experienced the feeling of talking when no one is listening. It is a disheartening feeling. I was presenting something for my manager in a meeting where senior management was present as I was speaking I realized that not one person was looking up. They were all engaged in something else. I worked hard and made sure that my portion of the presentation was accurate and rehearsed. It made me feel like what I was saying meant nothing and I could have just as well not said anything or presented at all.

Personal relationships can also suffer when verbal and nonverbal elements in reflective listening are ignored. I am convinced that if a person does not have eye contact with me when I am speaking that they are not listening. You still may be able to hear and comprehend what someone is saying but on some level I still feel that it is disrespectful not to maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking with.
4.The five new communication technologies that can enhance data richness are:

Email, which allows communication in a written form, with attachments or hyperlinks to websites or other files. Email is a strong source of data richness. It is accessible by anyone who elects to obtain an email address, since email is electronic, can be translated between different languages, and can be used by business and personal communications.
Cell phones provide accessibility and convenience to make and receive phone calls. As the cell phone evolved, the addition of text messaging and internet access has expanded the capabilities of the phone to match that of a computer.
Tablets are compact versions of computers which allow the user to us the tablet as a laptop to do normal functions like word processing and spreadsheets, but also provides the ability to use to download movies and surf the web, without the weight of a laptop.
The internet has evolved into a massive source of just about any question or source of information that is available today. With the improved web browsers, accessing the information the person desires is easier and much more exact. The original web browsers did general searches on requests and provided many different links that the requestor would have to look through to find the information they desired. Today, the web browsers are more intuitive and can access more specific information based on location, history of prior searches, and other pertinent information to provide a narrower list of links
that will provide the information the requester is looking for.

Websites are a great source of data richness. They provide information about a company, group or individual so that
potential consumers or people interested in the topic of the website can access
information the website administrator posts on the website.
My preferred method of communication is email. It allows me to provide questions and answers to a large group of people at the same time, allows tracking of conversations, and can be used for business or personal communication. With the ability to
access email from a smart phone, the technology is as easy to use as text messages, but in a much friendlier format to communicate between others.
The company I work for has multiple sources of electronic communication. Email, text messaging, company and product
websites, SharePoint, and electronic displays in the facility all provide important methods for employees to communicate between each other and the company to communicate with the employees.