TCP/IP for Networking

IP Header Lab


Please use Protocol Expert to answer the questions and fill-in-the-blanks for the statements.

Hint:  You need to look for two specific types of frames.

1.	The purpose of the Version/Header Length field is to define the length of the IP header and      .
2.	Do the contents of the Total Length field define the length of the IP header and the data field or does it define the length of the frame?       
3.	If the content of the Protocol ID field contains       the next header that follows the IP Header is a UDP header.
4.	Which field would you consider the last field of the IP Header is no Options are present?       
5.	Will the checksum of the IP header equal the contents of the FCS of the frame?          If not, why?       
6.	There are 9 fields in the ARP header.  Which field determines if it is a request or a reply?           If it is a reply, what is the content of that field?       
7.	In an ARP request, what type of protocol is being used on layer 3?        
8.	The Identification field in the IP header is used by what operation of IP?       
9.	If the content of the TTL field equals 1 and the frame has not reach the destination network, what will happen to the frame?       
10.	What is the content of the Type field of a layer two header if the frame is being used to determine the MAC address of the destination?       
11.	What are the fourteen fields of the IPv4 header?
12.	What field is responsible for determining what metric is used for choosing a path to the destination network?       
13.	What field is used to reassemble a data stream from the fragments created by the source host?       
14.	Is the content of the Identification field generated randomly or is it a predetermined value determined by the IPv4 protocol?       
15.	Of the packets captured by the protocol analyzer, what is the value of the Fragmentation Offset field?         Is this determined by the segmentation of the data stream or by the fragmentation by the IPv4 protocol?       
16.	What is the value of the Don’t Fragment field if TCP segments the data stream?         What will happen to the packet if it reaches a router that must divide the packet into smaller pieces before forwarding the packet to its destination network?       
17.	What is the value contained in the Protocol ID field if the packet is carrying OSPF information?       
18.	Will IPv4 process the information of a packet if the checksum is incorrect?         If it does not process the information of the packet, what will the host do with the packet?       
19.	What type of packet will most likely contain options in the IPv4 header according to information provided in the lecture on the IPv4 header?       
20.	What is the length of a header without options?         What is the length of a header with options?