3.3 Construct a long-term strategic management plan for sustaining organizational


Assignment 2


Environmental Scan Memo to the boss


Imagine that you’re a director in the strategy department of your company. Your boss has asked that you develop an environmental scan. With this request in mind…Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word MEMO to that will go to your boss with the findings of your environmental scan.


To complete this assignment:


·Select a public company or organization of your choice and do some research it to learn about it and its product/service offerings.


·In your write up, be sure to include a summary section that discusses your company. As you research, identify at least THREE competitors of that company along with a potential competing product or service.


In the MEMO to your boss, be sure to :


·Describe the internal and external environments of your company and the other using an environmental scan.


·Identify and discuss the competitive advantages of each company and what strategies each company is using in the market.


·How does each company create value and sustain competitive advantage through business strategy?


·What measurement guidelines is each company using to verify its strategic effectiveness?


·How effective are the measurement guidelines that each company is using?