Essential of psychology research project 

Ssc 130 research project 

Research Project


To successfully complete this course, you’ll write a research paper. Your paper should be between three and five double- spaced pages.

The purpose of your paper will be to persuade your reader, using factual information from your research, that your posi- tion on the chosen subject is the most suitable, logical way to view the topic. You’re asked to choose only one from among the three specified topics.

PREPARATION Choose a Topic

In your paper, answer one of the following topics:

    To what extent is media violence related to aggressive and violent behavior?

    Is ordinary waking consciousness a form of hypnotic trance?

    Are there multiple intelligences?

Begin Your Research

Regardless of the topic you choose, you’ll want to start with your text and then explore the outlined sources. Keep in mind that the Web and print sources you access can always be used to “snowball” your search for additional sources.

As you carry out your research, be sure to take notes. Note- taking can often help you figure out how to approach your chosen topic.
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Research Project

Research Project n For Topic 1, begin with your textbook’s brief discussion of this topic on pages 187–188. To get an introduction to the social learning theory of Albert Bandura and,

in particular, his famous Bobo doll study, visit Since Bandura’s work

as been so influential in respect to linking media exposure to violent aggressive behavior, you can think of this as your “anchor site.” The Web site will also give you exten- sive list of references—should you wish to pursue any of them. To get a broader angle on this topic, visit The most likely approach

to this topic is taking a stand for or against Bandura’s work to support (or reject) the hypothesis that media violence is a causal factor in actual aggressive or violent behavior.

n For Topic 2, begin with your text’s brief discussion of this topic on pages 137–138. Your text simply notes extreme positions regarding whether hypnosis is an identifiable altered state or basically indistinguishable from ordinary waking consciousness. However, if you choose this topic, you can expect to enter territory that’s ordinarily excluded from undergraduate studies in psychology. Visit to study an article by pioneering psychological research Charles R. Tart. The obvious thesis for this topic is taking a stand pro or

con Tart’s controversial thesis: Ordinary waking con- sciousness is, in effect, a consensus trance. For a review of ideas about the nature of hypothesis, visit Then, for another angle on Tart’s thinking, use your favorite search engine to search “subtle Sybil effect.”

n For Topic 3, read your textbook’s brief discussion of this topic on pages 367–369. Your challenge here is logically and coherently supporting or rejecting Gardner’s concept of multiple intelligences. You’ll note in your initial research that Gardner’s ideas have been quite influential on education—mainly in the context of addressing differ- ent learning styles. That fact doesn’t require you to


Research Project support Gardner’s theory. You can either support or reject Gardner’s theory, even as you point out its limita- tions. Any of these sites should help you extend your research. Visit and Compare what you find on the two sites—and especially the proposed ninth intelligence—called existential intelligence in one case and existentialist in the other. (Your textbook sticks with the standard eight intelligences.) You’ll want to consider this ninth kind of intelligence when you take

a stand for or against Gardner’s model. Then, visit This will give you a broader view of ideas about Gardner’s theory.

Note: As a rule, scholars look down on Wikipedia sites because anyone can edit and change them. However, in this case, the author has carefully appraised the recom- mended Wikipedia sites and found them helpful.


The components of your research paper will include the following:

n A cover sheet

n The body of your paper

n A works cited page where you cite the works and sources you’ve used to write your paper

Cover Sheet

The first page of your paper will be the cover sheet. Don’t number it. Provide the following information:

n The title in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS n Your name and student number