You are an IT Project Manager for a larger IT/IS firm. One of your responsibilities is to 
maintain a timely and accurate Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using Microsoft Project, to 
include a GANTT chart.
To meet the requirements of the project, write a APA style paper on the competing goals your 
project faces. Ensure you include the three traditional goals of cost, schedule, and 
performance. Discuss the concepts from your reading in relation to these three competing 
goals. As you trade off investing in one for the other two, discuss how you would make these 
decisions and why. For example, if you wanted increased IT/IS system performance, it may 
cost more, or take longer, to develop. How would you decide to spend this time or money, or 
determine it is worth the performance needed by the system? Ensure you conclude each of 
the three goal sections of your paper covering how and why you would potentially trade an 
increase in that area at the detriment of the other two goal areas.
Ensure you turn in your Unit Project as a single Microsoft Word document, in APA format, with 
a cover page and reference page citing at least 2 online references on the unit concept topics
and the eBook as a reference. Your work should compose 2-3 pages of content (double 
spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font).