For this week, review the three multi-media video files provided. Each video showcases a health education program in one of the following settings: school health, community health, and worksite wellness, and each provides a realistic perspective of health education in action. 
Community Based Health Education Program
Worksite Wellness Health Education Program
School Health Education Program
After reviewing all three videos, discuss how each program addressed the competencies of health education implementation: 3.1: Implement a plan of action 3.2: Monitor implementation of health education 3.3: Train individuals involved in implementation of health education Additionally, address the following questions: 1. What were the identified health issues, and how were they addressed? 2. What were the essential elements of the programs? 3. How were needs of the audience assessed? 4. What types of planning strategies or models were used? 5. Did each program consider cultural competency or health literacy issues in their implementation? If so, how? 6. Did the programs follow the five phases of the implementation process? If so, how? 7. How effective do you think these programs are in promoting health and preventing disease? 8. If you were the Health Educator responsible for addressing these issues, what you would you have done differently?