PSY 235 – Freud and Erikson are two important theorists within the field of developmental science

Subject: Psychology    / General Psychology
Freud and Erikson are two important theorists within the field of developmental science. In this
discussion, you will demonstrate a basic understanding of Freud and Erikson’s ideas about development
and then briefly outline an experiment.
By successfully completing this discussion activity, you will demonstrate Module Outcome 3: Describe
and apply the main characteristics of at least two theoretical perspectives of development, and Module
Outcome 4: Design an experiment to test a developmental science hypothesis.
This discussion assignment has three threads; please be sure to complete all three.

Part #1. In Module 1.2 of your webtext, Freud’s psychosexual theory is reviewed. Read about the theory
in your text and watch this optional video if you need assistance understanding it: Sigmund Freuds
Theory of Psychosexual Stages of Development [Video file, 03:04 mins]
Now, what do you think? Specifically thinking about Freud’s perspective, justify the importance of the
first 6 years. Explain your ideas using terms from the text, and support your writing with at least one
scholarly article. Please review the webpage, How do I find peer-reviewed articles?, from the Excelsior
College library if you need assisting finding peer-reviewed articles.

Part #2. Module 1.2 of your webtext also reviews classical and operant conditioning. List at least one
example of classical conditioning in your own life, and explain how systematic desensitization could be
used to help a child overcome anxiety.
Next, think of times when an intended punishment did not stop your behavior. Tell us the story of one of
these instances, and write about what happened. What would a better (more effective) plan have been
to change the behavior?
If you would like to view some course material that illustrates some of these principles to help with your
discussion assignment, please watch the following optional videos: Baby Albert Experiments [Video file, 03:27 mins] The Difference Between Classical and Operant Conditioning [Video file, 04:12 mins]

Part #3. Finally, Module 1.3 of your webtext reviews research methods. You are a researcher. Design an
experimental study related to human development to demonstrate your understanding of experimental
design. In doing so, briefly (one or two sentences for each item) address the following:
a. What is your research problem or question?
b. What are your variables? Be sure to identify the independent variable and the dependent
variable. How are the variables operationally defined?
c. What is your hypothesis?
d. What major developmental design are you using? Note whether you are incorporating
longitudinal, cross-sectional, cross-sequential, or cross-cultural methods.
e. Who are your population? How did you draw your sample? Will you have an experimental and
control group? If so, how are subjects assigned to each group?
f. What data gathering strategies and/or “treatment” will you use? g. Briefly outline, diagram, or explain your research procedure.
h. What do you think your results will be?
i. How did you minimize bias in your study?