PSY 111 – Based on what you have learned about encoding

Subject: Psychology    / General Psychology
Based on what you have learned about encoding, storage, and retrieval in short-term and long-term memory, how can you use this information to improve your study habits? Explain and provide at least three examples. (Make sure to discuss both short and long term memory within the examples.) [10 points]

Using terms and concepts from the text, discuss the idea of “cramming” before a test and whether it is truly a best practice based on what you have learned about STM/LTM. In your response, consider the following:

What are the pros and cons of cramming?

Although cramming information may move info to our LTM temporarily, why is it less likely to “stick” over time?

Will it always work to meet the goals of passing the test?

Will it work to meet the goal of having that information five years from now when you need it in the workplace? [10 points]

What role does attention play in memory? Explain and provide examples. [5 points]
Discuss the role of distraction in your studying.What are your greatest distractions (Are they internal or external to you?) What can you do to increase attention and decrease distraction? [5 points]
How can you increase motivation to maintain attention? Consider short term and long term ways to encourage motivation (reinforcers/rewards) when studying. [5 points]