PSY 102 – Maurice was born with an XY chromosome

Subject: Psychology / General Psychology
Maurice was born with an XY chromosome type, and he has the external genitalia of a male. He has, for the better part of his life however, felt like he was supposed to be a woman. He has always identified more with feminine clothes, behaviors, and emotions. According to chapter 10 in your textbook, Maurice has a female:

a. problem.

b. gender.

c. sex.

d. secondary sex characteristic.

6) According to Kinsey, what percentage of females reported extramarital sexual experiences?

a. 11 percent

b. 14 percent

c. 92 percent

d. 26 percent

10) Jordan is very frustrated because another patron at the bar is talking to the woman with whom Jordan was just dancing. According to Berkowitz’s reformulation of the frustration-aggression hypothesis, which of the following factors makes Jordan unlikely to lash out in a physically aggressive manner?

a. Jordan already has a criminal charge for assault.

b. The other man is much larger and stronger than Jordan.

c. The woman makes it clear that she is not interested in Jordan.

d. Jordan is alone and has no friends to back him up

14) Which type of immune system cells can actually be increased as a result of getting regular exercise? a. Basophils

b. Lymphocytes

c. Natural killer cells

d. Red blood cells

17) Asch’s studies showed that overall conformity to group pressure occurred about _______________ of the time.

a. one-fifth

b. one-third

c. one-half

d. three-fourths

24) A college instructor’s schedule has her teaching an honors section of psychology. Halfway through the semester, she is told that her class was NOT an honors section after all. She responds, “This is the best class I have ever taught and the grades prove it.” What concept might a social psychologist use to explain the high grades this class obtained and the teacher’s high opinion of the class?

a. Subject bias

b. Self-fulfilling prophecy

c. Covert sensitization

d. Collectivism

25) A car crash woke John from his afternoon nap. When he looked out his apartment window, he saw several people milling around two smashed cars. He decided not to dial 911 because he assumed someone had already called. John’s reaction is an example of:

a. the bystander effect.

b. pluralistic compliance.

c. obedience to authority.

d. conformity to social norms.

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