How do civil liberties and civil rights compare and contrast with one another

Subject: Business / Management
Assignment: You will prepare a 3-4 page paper for your instructor discussing the following questions. A page is considered 300 words. The paper will include a title page, research page and follow APA format.

• How do civil liberties and civil rights compare and contrast with one another?

• Describe how the Supreme Court has used the Fourteenth Amendment to expand coverage of the Bill of Rights to the states. Discuss changing conceptions of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

• List the categories under which the Supreme Court may classify “speech.” Explain the distinction between “protected” and “unprotected” speech and name the various forms of expression that are not protected under the First Amendment.

• Describe the test used by the Court to determine if government policy violates the First Amendment’s “Establishment Clause.”

• How did the Supreme Court justify that Americans have a fundamental right to privacy?

Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.

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