Search for a Case Study that describes ethics in business, academics, or another profession of your choosing. Your article may be one of the following: A written article from the Library and Resources, or a Video from NBC Learn. Additionally, you may include visuals such as mind-maps to explain your reasoning of the paper. If you include a video or other type of media, you must still properly cite and reference within your paper. Your analysis should cover one of the following topics listed below.

Establishing Facts
Scientific Practice
Moral Consideration
Good Moral Intent

Please use the Case Study TemplatePreview the documentView in a new window provided in the course in Canvas to complete the assignment. The template provides an example of the required APA formatting and suggested content to include in the assignment. Refer to the list below for a detailed description of each item the assignment must include.

A summary at the beginning of the paper consisting of at least 150 words.
A background statement about the article’s content, why it was chosen, and what topic areas are to be covered (At least one). A minimum of 150 words per section/subsection is required.
A story statement. Tell the story of who did what to whom. Also, cover what happened as a result of their actions. A minimum of 150 words per section/subsection is required.
An analysis statement. Analyze the actions of the subject of your article here. Use the topic areas to discuss their behavior and develop sub-sections of the analysis.
A minimum of 150 words per section/subsection is required.
The analysis must include your topic area, how the article applies to the topic area and where you think the subject succeeded or failed in the chosen topic area. (Minimum of 150 words)
A conclusion statement to reflect upon the material. Reflect on what you learned. Reflect on how this can apply to your professional and personal life. How might this help you in your chosen profession? (Minimum of 150 words)