celebrity analysis paper

Step 1: Choose a Celebrity

Your analysis must explain how your chosen celebrity (male or female, living or posthumous) meets one (1) of the following criteria:

 The person is “famous,”e. publicly known but is not an actor, athlete or musician. Example: Perez Hilton.
  The person is not an “active” celebrity (i.e. an astronaut) but a “passive” celebrity(i.e. they were acted upon by the media and constructed into an icon). Example: Kim Kardashian.
 The person became a “star.”That is, at one point in their celebrity they transformed into a public persona bigger than their prior roles, talent or celebrity status. Example: Brad Pitt.
    The person is a “quasar.”They have no control over their image, and they are often an unwilling participant in their celebrity. The media is a key player in the quasar. Example: Rachel Dolezal.

Step 2: Answer the Analysis Questions

Does (did) your celebrity possess political or economic power (i.e. powerful elite) or limited institutional power with a high degree of public interest in their life (powerless elite)?

Or does (did) your celebrity possess both? Explain your answer.

 How does (did) your celebrity function as a celebrity-commodity? That is,
 How is (was) your celebrity’s personality and individuality constructed into a system of exchange (i.e. given its symbolic value)?
What role does (did) the media(s) play in manufacturing your celebrity’s image?
 Explain the role of intertexual cross-promotion (i.e. advertising or other promotional interests such as public appearances or products that form part of your celebrity’s manufacture).


Step 3: Include an Image and Citation

You mustinclude an image in your analysis of your chosen celebrity.
Place this image at the end of your analysis, on a separate page before your works cited page