NUR 207-Essentials of Nursing Education Assignment

Subject: Health Care / General Health Care
NUR 207: Essentials of Nursing Education Assignment: Scholarly Topic Paper- 20% of grade

Your topic for this scholarly paper will be assigned to you in class. Please follow these instructions carefully, review the sample APA template paper (“The Dancing Fox”) and grading rubric, and include the following criteria:

1. General instructions: Overall the paper should include:

a. three to five pages in length (not including the title and reference page).

b. One in-text citation in the scholarly paper must be a direct quote (to demonstrate proper use and format).

c. The scholarly paper should include multiple paraphrases to demonstrate the information is evidence-based. All information presented from a source must be cited according to the correct APA format.

d. Level one heading.

e. Precise and purposeful vocabulary, sentence fluency and should be free of grammar and spelling errors. The paper should be written in a scholarly, professional manner and written in the third person.

f. It is recommended you take your paper to the Barry Learning Center for feedback before submitting your paper for grading.

g. Submit the paper to Turnitin prior to the due date. Review the Originality Report and make all necessary revisions based on the Originality Report. Similarity report < 15% is acceptable.

h. Submit this assignment and the Turnitin Originality Report to the Assignment Dropbox by the due date stated in the course calendar.

2. Title Page: Include the title page with all necessary components required by the nursing program according to APA format

3. Introduction: The introduction should inform the reader of the topic of the paper. The introduction includes a broad overview of the topic and concludes with a purpose statement and three supporting points. The introductory paragraph should include the following:

a. A catchy, general first sentence that introduces the reader to the topic (no citation).

b. A sentence or two from a source giving validity to the topic with an in-text citation.

c. A purpose statement and three supporting points are the last sentences of the introduction. The purpose statement clearly informs the reader what the topic paper will address.

d. Three well defined supporting points related to your topic and based on the literature search. The supporting points may be part of your purpose sentence or written in a second sentence.

e. The title of the paper should be placed on the first line of the page above the introduction.

4. Body: In the body of the paper, devote at least one paragraph to each of the supporting points. The first paragraph of the body of the paper should discuss the first supporting point in depth. The supporting points must be presented in the order they appear in the introduction. Each paragraph in the body should be comprised of:

a. A general statement identifying the supporting point to be addressed.

b. At least one statement from a source with an in-text citation to support the point. All information from a source must be cited.

c. The paragraph should be well thought-out, follow a logical development, concise, and should only include information specific to the supporting point. A paragraph for this assignment should be five to six sentences.

d. Each paragraph must include at least one in-text citation (paraphrase and/or direct quote) to validate and support the point.

5. Conclusion:

a. Use a level one heading titled “Conclusion.”

b. Present a summary of the main points addressed in the scholarly paper.

c. The conclusion should mirror the introduction. No new information is included.

6. Reference page:

a. All of the sources used within the body of text must be included.

b. Sources not cited in the text must not be included.

c. The list should follow APA format. Authors should be alphabetized by last name of author, double spaced, and have a hanging indent.

d. A minimum of three sources should be included to support and validate the information. Sources must be from retrieved from peer-reviewed journals or professional websites only. The sources must be relevant to the topic, peer-reviewed and/or evidence-based, and current (within 5 years).

Topic: How do you think ethical dilemmas affect nursing students?

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