Natural Disasters News Report

Natural Disasters News Report

Paper instructions:
To start this assignment you will need to access the Case Studies found on the “Forces of Nature” section of the website:

You will choose ONE of the cases and write a news report on either that earthquake, volcanic eruption, or hurricane (you may however choose tornadoes as well). You are to imagine that you are covering this story the day after the natural disaster hit and you are the first reporter on the scene. After accessing the situation, you will begin writing your report for submission to the Brampton Guardian for publication for the next day. The report should be formated as a News Report; see examples or templates online.

Remember that the issue took place as if it was yesterday, so in your news report, indicate that it happened yesterday. For example, “Yesterday, at exactly __am, the issue had occured. Taking place in___” Use the information on the case studies for reference, or if you want, you can also choose any type of real life natural disaster event that has took place, such as the “Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami” that took place on Dec 26, 2004.

Assignment Requirements:
– Two pages (Columbed as a news report)
– First word of the News report should be “Yesterday,”
– Answers to the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How
– Name, date, timing, and location of your natural disaster
– Use of past wording
– Use of transitions words (i.e. then, also, further.. etc)
– No use of “I, me, we, us, etc” unless it is part of your interview.
– Use of all facts and figures from the case study
– Includes 2-3 pictures in the News report
– Report cannot entirely be based off and copied off of the Case study

I will include a rubric just in case if you are perhaps wanting to see the criteria being marked. Again, make sure the entire News Report is presented and shown as one.