Paper instructions:
Make sure to use both text books and a minimum of ten primary sources from VAP and relevant information from MA. Be comprehensive and detailed. This is an open book exam so I expect a high level of critical thinking, analysis and use of information. No outside sources at all for the exam just our books and lecture. Cite all page numbers for all information not just quotes. Use quotes only from primary texts and sparingly. Make sure to address all aspects of the questions. A minimum of 1400 words combined for both but you can always go over that. Remember that I provided these only as a guideline but you will be graded on the quality, details, and comprehensive nature and proper citations of your sources.
Pick 2 Topics:

Topic 1:
African Americans saw many changes in the period between the Civil War and 1917. How were African Americans affected by major political and economic shifts? Based on your readings and class lecture and discussion, chart the process of reconstructing the South. Who were the main political actors? How did freed slaves re-build their community? What support systems existed for both black and white families? Was reconstruction successful? How did white supremacy return to power in the South and what did Black leaders like Du Bois, Wells, and Washington do to address issues of civil rights? As African Americans migrated North to larger cities what was life like for them? How did the major reform movements like Populism and Progressivism address or not address race relations?
Topic 2:
A major theme in American history post 1865 was the waves of immigration and their impact on American society. In addition, the migration of people within the United States to the frontier and from rural America to the cities changed the character of America. Describe these events. What were the waves of immigration and how did immigrants engage in their new surroundings? Make sure to address immigrant groups from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. What types of cultural and economic factors did immigrants contend with and what did they bring to the U.S.? What were the reasons people migrated within the United States? How did these migrations change the face of the expanding nation? How did the major reform movements like Populism and Progressivism address the immigration question and urbanization?