Mintzberg’s ten schools of strategy

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Mintzberg’s ten schools of strategy
1.Why is “Institutional Theory” part of the Environmental School?

2.How do learning school and the micro-power strand of the power school provides
the most realistic view of strategy

3.Why is “Resource-based theory” considered to be part of the Cultural School? Why
is “an old Persian carpet” an appropriate image for Resource-based theory?

4.What is the “strategic choice debate”? Why is this debate associated with the
Environmental School?

5.How are “configuration” and “transformation” related?

6.What is “core competency theory”? How is it different from other approaches to
strategy formation?

7.Why are contingency, institutional and population ecology theory part of
environmental school?

8. Describe the resource based theory and the core competency theory and why might
they be considered allied or similar approaches