COM208 Unit 1 Journal: Irreversible Communication

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All journal entries are private. The instructor is the only person who will read these entries. These entries are not discussion board questions and are not to be shared with your classmates. Please support your journal entries with applicable sources. Please create your journal as an exercise in writing. Answer and/or address the writing prompts and then return after you are finished and insert supportive resources from course resources and your own outside research. Journal Entries should be at least 3-4 paragraphs. See attached rubric for grading criteria. COM208 Journal Entry Rubric
Please describe a time when you communicated in a way in which you wish was reversible (a situation where you wish you could “take back” what you said or what you did). In what context did this communication occur (face-to-face, text message, phone call)? Please describe the situation in detail and discuss how you felt after the interaction was over. How did this interaction affect the relationship?