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Technical Requirements and Assumptions 
11.1 Technical Requirements and existing infrastructure
Seafood’s current network configuration is more than capable to support the new online system as it currently consists of optic lines.   Their Local Area Network (LAN) will be configured in a client/server setup and include a scalable Networked Access Storage (NAS) to provide data protection.  In order to maximize on speed, some of the distributors will need to upgrade to fiber optic to have the maximum efficiency with the new system.
Currently, different offices utilize their own respective database servers.  In order to centralize the data, two new database servers need to be purchased in order to run RAID 10 configuration for maximum redundancy.  
	The online system will be hosted internal in the organization on the company’s existing web server.  The corporation’s current off-site back-up server will need to be upgraded to be able to efficiently back-up the upgraded system.  Seafood Inc.’s current domain name will be used.
	A new router will also be purchased.  The router will require embedded encryption acceleration and will also deliver high-quality simultaneous services.
	The data center for Seafood Inc. has multiple levels of physical security systems; including card access at all interior and exterior doors. There is also a fire suppression system with both smoke and high temperature detectors. The center is also equipped with back-up generators in order to keep server’s up in case of a power failure.  The data center is also equipped with heating ventilation air conditioning with redundancy for regulating the air temperature and humidity, maximizing performance and ensuring Seafood Inc. continuous operation. 	
11.2 Software Components
	Seafood Inc.’s hosted database and web server setup will consist of a Microsoft SQL server.  Microsoft SQL server was chosen as it is a very robust database server, for much less than the cost of Oracle.  MSSQL is capable of providing fast access to large amounts of data.  It is also more than capable of safely controlling the large amounts of data that Seafood Inc. utilizes. 
	Microsoft asp.net was chosen as the software to build the online management system.  Seafood Inc.’s current website was built and is maintained using asp.net.  This will allow developers to capitalize on the pre-existing structure to build the online management system.  Microsoft asp.net was also chosen due to its built in safety mechanisms.  Asp.net is a very robust program that incorporates encapsulation into a project to increase safety.  Asp.net allows for rapid application development with its many tools available for website design.
	Cisco VPN will also need purchased to allow VPN access to selected personnel.  Cisco VPN is an industry leader in VPN services.  Seafood Inc. will take advantage of Cisco’s years of experience in VPN technology.  Cisco VPN allows for secure connection’s and is very reliable.
11.3 Server and Workstation Recommendations
•	Intel Core i5 4GB DDR3 PC10600 (+2TB Bandwidth); 2x250GB Sata 3; Raid 10 Intel Core i7 4GB DDR3 PC10600 UDIMM; 2TB Bandwidth 
•	4xQuad-Core Intel Xeon 128GB RAM (Fully Buffered DIMMS) 2x73GB, 15k, SAS (RAID) 2TB Bandwidth 
•	1xDual-Core AMD Opteron 3.5GB RAM (DDR2) 2x250GB, 7.2K, SATA (RAID1) 2TB Bandwidth
11.4 Assumptions
12.  System Alternative Assessment
12.1 Outsourcing
	In lieu of in-house development outsourcing the project to a company called DHL was considered as an option.   DHL is a reputable company that is known for impressive, successful project implementations.    If the project were outsourced, Seafood Inc. would be able to continue remain focused on immediate needs.   Outsourcing would provide a quicker alternative to in-house development that could be customized to fit the needs of the organization.  Outsourcing does have limitations though.  These limitations were the reason’s that this option wasn’t chosen.  The cost associated with outsourcing to the company would outweigh the cost of in-house development.  More time would be required in the planning stage as outsourced personnel would be required to learn the intrincanticies of the current system.  Current IT personnel understand the system and are more capable designing a suitable solution.  Maintenance of the new system will be easier for in-house development as current IT personnel will fully understand the system and will be able to make changes as needed.  Outsourcing the project will require DHL to make modifications.  The main reason that outsourcing was not considered is due to the higher price, and the lack of in-house (cheaper) future modifications and maintenance.  
	Another solution considered is an off-the-shelf product called Delivery Source.  Delivery Source offers a Business Management Software Solution that is customizable to meet business needs.  Delivery Source would not allow Seafood Inc. the complete customizable capability to 100% meet the needs of the project initiative.  The in-house development solution offers Seafood Inc. to customize the entire project to meet their exact needs.  Although the Delivery Source option has many customizable options, the software is still too limited to meet the exact needs of the Company.