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Milestone 3 of Nike’s Strategic Analysis Project.

Strategic Analysis Project Guidelines
Overview The project requires students to use concepts from each module, answer questions about their chosen company, and complete a strategic analysis of that
company in a variety of areas.
You have been hired as a consultant at the company you have been researching. This report is an in-depth look at the strategy and corporate management based
on your detailed research completed throughout the semester. This paper is designed as a full report with recommendations that the executive team will use to
enhance the existing strategic management. This project is divided into four milestones, submitted in Modules One, Four, Five, and Seven. Your milestone should include, as a minimum, the following: Milestone 3 1. The Global Marketplace (2 pages)
Summarize company operations in foreign markets and competitive advantage possibilities. Be sure to answer the following questions: Describe which method(s) has been used to enter foreign markets.
How has the company gained competitive advantage through competing internationally?
What are additional actions that the company could take to gain a competitive advantage in foreign markets? 2. Corporate Strategy: Business Diversification (2 pages)
Summarize the company’s methods to diversify into related or unrelated businesses. Be sure to answer the following questions: Which diversification strategy is used—diversification into related or unrelated businesses, a mix of both or none, and/or divestiture and retrenchment? How has this helped or hurt the company? Offer a future proposal for business diversification and describe how it will help the company’s strategic position.
3. Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability (2 pages)
Summarize the corporate ethics statement, statement about social responsibility, and sustainability statement. If none exist, report what you believe are
these unwritten statements or code of conduct based on what the company says about itself. Be sure to answer the following questions: Does company practice conform to its ethics statement or code of conduct? Where does practice diverge from the statement?
Does the company have a comprehensive, proactive social responsibility statement? Does company practice support this statement?
Does the company follow environmentally sustainable business practices? Does this help or hurt the company? How?
Offer suggestions for improvement in the above areas. Write the paper in your own words. Include your own critical analysis and remarks in the paper. If you copy and paste any quotes from the search results, make
sure to put those in quotation marks and provide a citation and reference for the source.
Following are general format guidelines: Cover Page
Abstract (Executive Summary)
Table of Contents
Components (11)
Appendices Milestone One: Company Identification (Component 1, and 2) – 6 pages
Milestone Two: Components 3, 4, and 5 – 6 pages
Milestone Three: Components 6, 7, and 8 – 6 pages
Milestone Four: Components 9, 10, and 11 – 6 pages Milestones

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