Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions

Why do we do both an objective test as well as an interview for an assessment

What is the difference between a screening and an assessment

Why is it important to determine a person’s Stage of change. What are the stages of change and what conditions are present at each

What needs to be included for a diagnosis under the DSM V and what is the purpose of each area

What is a WHODAS and why is it needed


What is the purpose of defense mechanisms and what are some of the more frequently used defenses such as projection, minimization, rationalization, intellectualization

What are the major premises of the moral model, psychological model, sociocultural model, medical model, neurobiological model, biopsychosocial model, neurological model

What is the basic belief of a person at the pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination stages of change. for example, throwing away the drugs in the house would represent what stage

What is the purpose of the DSM-V

Can a person have more than one diagnosis under the DSM-V

What defines mild, moderate, and severe use disorders under the DSM-V–what are the four main categories and the eleven criteria to be considered.

What conditions increase my risk for development of an addiction problem

What role do neurotransmitters play in addiction

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