MGMT221 Module 1.5 Activity: IS Technology Current Event Assignment Latest 2017 April

Subject: Business / Management
1.5 Activity: IS Technology Current Event

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What’s News in IS Technology?


Welcome to the “What’s News in IS Technology?” current events activity introduction. For the next eight weeks, you will report on topics relating to “Current Events with New Technologies in Information Systems.”

To complete the current event activity, perform research utilizing resources such as the Internet, magazine publications, newspapers, and journals on a current event that illustrates the implementation of a new IS technology. This technology should have played or a significant role or created a competitive advantage for an enterprise. Summarize the details and implications of the reports in your own words, and reflect on how such technology was used to improve the functional or operational process in current business practices.

Select your current event for this module, keeping in mind the topics presented in this week’s module and your Research Project. Evaluate, synthesize and summarize the data obtained from your research on your selected current event. The information that you utilize to construct your summary data must relate to events that are newsworthy and currently in the media.

The data that you create may prove to be useful information that can support your Research Project findings.


This current event assignment is an individual activity. You are required to post your summary data in the “Reply” section at the bottom of this assignment to share knowledge and ideas with your peers. Everyone can gain from this current event activity to improve upon their Research Project.

The Canvas “Like” tool is activated, and you are encouraged to “vote up” the best post.

Your summary data should contain a minimum of 250 words. Be sure to follow the APA Style guidelines. Post your summary data before the last day of the module’s week.

Your instructor will evaluate and grade the IS Technology Current Event posts using a customized rubric. The rubric is accessed the in the same manner as the Discussion activities. For viewing instructions, select

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