Subject: Business / Management
Refine your WBS into a Task Plan. In this phase, ensure that the sequence of events is correct, that tasks follow logically from tasks that have come before, and that you identify tasks that must be completed before the project can proceed.

Tasks are the most basic building blocks of any project – tasks represent the work to be done to accomplish the goal and objectives of the project. They are units of work to accomplish the “Charter”. Remember, each level 3 task (or level 2 task if you do not have 3 levels in your project) must be:

A decomposition of the project work to be done into definable and manageable parts – simplest “breakdown’ of each piece of work to be completed.
Measurable: Can it be measured and tracked?
Assignable: Can it be assigned to one or more people to perform?
Work independent: Is it separable enough to avoid confusion, accountability and measurement?
This assignment should include all of your tasks, deliverables, and phases needed to complete the project in proper sequence. You may feel the need to create priorities, including higher level tasks instead of steps. This will likely decrease your task numbers from the WBS. Here are the elements I would like in the Task Plan:

Task ID
Task Summary (taken and modified from WBS)
Start Date
End Date
Resource (members of the Project Team responsible for accomplishing the task)

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