CHERRIES Flower plants – Flowering plants

Subject: Biology / General Biology
Choose one angiosperm and create a thread in the forum ‘Flowering plants’ (Name of the flowering plant as title of the thread) and mention all the details mentioned below in a power point with minimum of 12 slides. All fruit and vegetable plants are also flowering plants.
Describe external structure of the plant (Tree, shrub, grass/height, woody, type of branching)
Describe type of leaves and venation(simple/complex leaf, color, texture, shape, phyllotaxy)
Type of roots (tap root/fibrous/adventitious)
Describe type and structure of its
Leaf and branching
Flower (single/inflorescence)
Fruit (simple/aggregate/multiple/fleshy or dry)
Seed (monocot/dicot)
Parts of the flower
Stamens and carpels – arrangement, number, structure, length, size, shape
Petals and sepals – color, number, shape, similar or dissimilar petals, size and arrangement in whorls
Explain pollination methods
Methods of seed dispersal, distance of dispersal
Germination of seed, epigeal or hypogeal?
Uses of the plant or its parts
Any interesting information-specialized character, mention in history/news or others
Related pictures, and resources.

A-4 Part B
Uses of Plants

Complete the assignment by clicking on the title. Identify and explain 3-5 examples under each category below along with pictures and resources for each.

1. Food plants

2. Medicinal plants

3. Effect of plants on environment

4. Aesthetic value of plants

5. Products made from plants

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