Men are not as susceptible to the effects of body

Subject: Psychology / General Psychology
1. Men are not as susceptible to the effects of body image, social media, and cultural influences as women are.



2. Which statement about mass media and social media is accurate?

a. Gender and racial stereotypes are fairly new in social media)

b. Since its beginnings, mass media have used gender and racial stereotypes.

c. Social media are the least likely form of media to include gender stereotyping.

d. Mass media have been responsible for the decline in negative stereotyping.

3. If you were to review older commercials, you would most likely find:

a. heavy use of gender stereotyping

b. limited use of any type of stereotyping

c. some cultural stereotyping but no gender stereotyping

d. some gender stereotyping but limited cultural stereotyping

4. In a beer advertisement, women wearing only painter bibs while standing in a lake serve:

a. a decorative function

b. a sex object function

c. as reminders that beer quenches thirst

d. as reminders that beer is best ice-cold

5. Beer advertisements seem to portray:

a. both men and women as drinkers

b. more women than men as drinkers

c. men as drinkers and women as sex objects

d. both men and women as sex objects

6. Which statement is true? Select all that apply.

Select one or more:

a. Social media have significant influence on our perceptions regarding race, gender, and culture.

b. Social media can improve our understanding of diversity.

c. Social media use stereotyping but this has limited effect on our perceptions regarding race, gender, and culture.

d. Social media have been proven to have little or no impact on our perception of race but have impacted our understanding of gender.

7. The social media website Instagram makes a conscious attempt to eliminate stereotyping.



8. An online ad for a particular health club chain shows photos of slim and muscular men and women. The purpose of the photos is likely to associate club membership with:

a. an attractive body image

b. strength

c. sexuality

d. having a good time

9. Live-action role-play (LARP) is common on social media sites.



10. On a social media website, you see a photo of a thin and emaciated young man, intended to show the consequences of an eating disorder. Applying what you know about social learning theory, how would you interpret the disorder?

a. The young man has an untreated personality disorder.

b. The young man has an obsessive concern about body image based on ideal images he has seen in the media.

c. The young man has a genetic inheritance to extreme thinness.

d. The young man has been influenced by peer pressure to lose weight.

11. World of Warcraft players are required to begin with a low-level character.

Select one:



12. What would most likely happen if advertising suddenly disappeared from social media websites?

a. A primary means of creating and reinforcing stereotypes would be eliminated.

b. People would eventually stop believing stereotypes.

c. Users would quickly become bored with the websites.

d. Nothing would happen, as people do not get their stereotypes from social media sites.

13. One problem with social media is that certain groups may be underrepresented or stereotyped.



14. Play in board games like Dungeons and Dragons is constricted within the context of the real world.

Select one:



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