MATH 1100 – According to Brogaard what is the ‘Macbeth

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According to Brogaard what is the ‘Macbeth Effect’?

Thinking that you have more power than you actually have

Feeling guilt for wrongdoings

None of the above

The effect that washing can have on guilt

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Brogaard suggests a method similar to ‘the Sinclair method’ for getting over your ex. This involves:

Expose yourself to thoughts and reminders of your ex, but also remind yourself of all the negative things

Think obsessively only about your ex’s good personality traits

Meditating to avoid thinking of your ex

Doing other activities to distract yourself from thinking about your ex

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Which of the following couples, according to On Romantic Love, has an open relationship (rather than a polyamorous or swinger relationship)?

Krista’s being married to Marc, who has a romantic relationship with Julia

Anna and Bruce

Carrie Jenkins and Jonathan Ichikawa

Abélard and Héloïse

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Burkeman’s theory of happiness is similar to which of the following?

Memento Mori

All of the above

Hellenistic Stoicism

Zen Buddhism

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Placement conditioning suggest what for overcoming heartbreak?

Associating negative things with your former lover

Rearranging your furniture

Keeping everything in the same place

Associating your negative emotions with a particular place

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According to Hayborn’s theory of happiness, which if the following is part of what it means to be happy?

Bodily pleasures

Feeling happy

Life satisfaction: the sense that your life is going well for you

Propensity to feel happy

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Brogaard takes issue with Oliver Berkeman, a critic of what he calls “the cult of optimism,” for ALL EXCEPT which of the following reasons?

He misunderstands Stoic philosophy.

He undervalues the empirically-supported benefit of positivity thoughts.

His attack of the emphasis on positive thinking is robustly supported by all of the empirical research done on the topic.

His view is not that all that different from standard cognitive behavioral approaches except it lacks the emphasis on positivity.

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Ultimately, Brogaard concludes that ‘wholehearted and reciprocated love for a caring and loving partner’ is the real predictor of:

your happiness

the rationality of your love

your Stoicism

the length of your relationship

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It’s easier to go through withdrawal for a heroin addiction in a new environment than in an old environment (that is. an environment in which you are accustomed to taking heroin). This is due to which phenomenon?

Placement conditioning

Detachment Conditioning

Phantom limb syndrome

Post traumatic stress disorder

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What does Brogaard think about the relation between ‘sheer bodily pleasure’, for instance, sex with a stranger, and happiness?

Sheer bodily pleasure could contribute to your propensity for happiness.

Sheer bodily pleasure is too shallow to contribute to happiness.

Only the connection one has with a partner in a long-term relationship contributes to overall happiness.

One should engage in as much sheer bodily pleasure as possible as this is the primary source of happiness.

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According to Brogaard, what does King Edward VII’s choice to give up the throne and be with Wallis Simpson exemplify for Nietzsche?

aligning with human nature by sacrificing power

power over one’s self, arising from self-love and authenticity

going against human nature by sacrificing power

a lack of power over one’s desires

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Which of the following does Brogaard cite as one of the causes of community-wide long-term monogamy?

Moments identified as perfect instances of true love mirroring the type of love in real love relationships

The bliss of a relationship lasting about seven years


The nuclear family structure and its constraints on natural urges

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Which of the following statements is not true about the “casual view” of sex?

when sex is likely to subtract from your well-being, it is unjustified and irrational

love and attachment are relevant to whether sex is permissible

there is nothing inherently bad about casual flings

love and attachment are irrelevant to whether sex is permissible

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According to the 2006 study by Alois Stutzer and Bruno Fray, what is the connection between happiness and marriage?

Marriage generally leads to happiness

Happiness generally leads to marriage

Happy people tend to stay married for longer

There is no correlation between happiness and marriage