Paper instructions:
Please use the article and the excel sheets attached to answer the 4 questions. Disregard the 'copyright' tab on excel, just use the tables and exhibits to make calculations.

Here are the assignment questions for the HubSpot case. (1) Develop and present the Problem Statement in no more than five (5) sentences. (15 marks). (2) Present the Pros and Cons for targeting the two market segments presented in the case. (20 marks). (3) A. Calculate the CLV of each market segment. (10 marks). B. Which one do you feel is the appropriate one that Management should concentrate its efforts and why? (10 marks). (4) Please present your OWN idea of how you would develop and implement a marketing strategy to grow the business. (20 Marks).
1. Basic formula for calculating the customer lifetime value (CLV) of a Hubspot customer is: CLV=((monthly profit)*(customer lifetime in months))-(acquisition cost).
2. The churn rate can be used to calculate the CLV in months; Customer lifetime in months =1/monthly churn rate.
3. When laying out your answers, attempt to make it as legible as possible, clearly identifying all important aspects or points that you are making.