ITSD325 Unit 4 IP UP

ITSD325 Unit 4 IP UP

Paper instructions:
Deliverable Length: Word Document (2-3 additional pages), Project Zip file.

E-commerce Web sites typically interact or affect many different areas of an organization. Because of this interaction, e-commerce Web sites typically include functionality to assist in the communication that is required between the site and other parts of the organization. Sales or accounting may need reports. Marketing or sales may need the ability to update the product catalog. Manufacturing may need access to inventory levels, and the list goes on. In a typical large organization, the operational needs of the organization are available already through the main Web site.

The issue now becomes how to integrate the e-commerce with the main Web site. The next step in your E-Commerce Implementation plan is to prepare for the integration of the e-commerce Web site with the main Web site of the organization so that the other parts of the organization will have the access that they need.

The project deliverables are as follows:

>Update the E-Commerce Implementation Plan document title page with a new date and project name.

>Update previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback.

>Integration Coding:

*Use the basic e-commerce Web site that was developed in the previous project assignment to add integration functionality for some other area of the organization.

*The integration should demonstrate how data can be communicated to another Web site or how areas of the organization that are external to the e-commerce Web site can perform tasks that will communicate with the e-Commerce Web site. For example, how a product catalog is updated by the sales staff by modifying a sales database on another Web site and having the results communicated to the e-commerce site.

*Note: It will be a very good idea to confer with your instructor on your plan for this project before you begin any coding to ensure that your plan falls within the desired scope of the assignment.

>Integration Documentation:

*In the Integration section of the E-commerce Implementation Plan document, discuss the integration and how it will benefit other areas of the organization.

*Describe the selected functionality and how the code works.

*Include any information that is required to successfully demonstrate the functionality.

>Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.
>Name the document as follows: RhajadeRose_ITSD325_IP4.doc
>Zip all the Web site project files as
>Submit the document and zipped project for grading