Subject: Business    / Marketing

Which social class tends to rely most on salespeople and advertising in making purchase decisions?
Upper middle
Lower middle
Upper lower

Demarketing is a marketing strategy that is designed to
Reduce consumption of a product
Demonstrate your company’s efforts to protect the environment
Reduce a competitor’s market share
Sell a product internationally
None of the above

Positioning maps can be used in all of the following ways,except
To see the perception of your company’s products relative to competing products.
To find market opportunities for new products
To help you more accurately position your company’s existing products
To help you determine whether or not you should lower or raise your price
None of the above (i.e. All of these are valid uses for positioning maps.)

Healthy Choice product’s advertising stresses healthy, yet good tasting products. Ads typically feature nutrition information. What type of segmentation is Healthy Choice likely to be using?
Behavior segmentation
Demographic segmentation
Place segmentation
Benefit segmentation
None of the above

The political/legal environment of marketing may refer to:
I. Laws that require businesses to perform certain activities
II. Laws that prohibit business from doing certain things
III. Laws that apply to consumers that indirectly impact business
I only
II only
I and II only
I and III only
I, II and III

Cyndi has dreamed about owning a Ford Mustang convertible all of her life. However she just got married and is planning a family. She heard that Volvo station wagons are among the safest cars on the road. After weighing the alternatives, she finally decided to buy a Volvo. For about a month after making the purchase, she kept wondering whether she made the correct decision. Cyndi’s situation can best be explained by
Purchase dissatisfaction
Cognitive dissonance
Buyer beware
Empty nest syndrome
None of the above

The Social/Cultural environment of marketing includes all of the following, EXCEPT:
the way people live their lives
how people behave
what people believe
a society’s values
a society’s unemployment rates

John makes $50,000 per year and spends $10,000 per year on his bachelor apartment. Jane lives in the same town and makes $100,000 per year. According to Engle’s laws, how much is she likely to spend per year on housing?
None of the above

We discussed three types of organizational buying situations in class. Which of the three types requires the most time?
routine problem solving
straight rebuy
modified rebuy
simple rebuy
none of the above

All of the following are generally TRUE regarding secondary data, EXCEPT:
Secondary data should be collected before primary data.
Secondary data are more likely to be obsolete than primary data.
Secondary data are more likely to be irrelevant than primary data.
Secondary data are more time consuming to collect than primary data.
Secondary data are less expensive to collect than primary data.

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