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ENG 103 APA Formatted Research Paper Assignment

Write a research paper on plagiarism. Include the following information:

· Definition of plagiarism

· Discuss at least 1 famous case of plagiarism and its consequences

· Why it is important not to plagiarize

· Explain specifically how to avoid plagiarism (both word for word and paraphrase/summary plagiarism)

Specific Requirements:

· 500 – 650 words

· APA format

· Title page, Abstract (3 – 5 sentences for this paper), & Reference page

· Use APA headings (i.e. importance of not plagiarizing, and how to avoid plagiarism)

· Paper requires the following 4 full text articles from database sources:

1. “An Intervention Aimed At Reducing Plagiarism In Undergraduate Nursing Students”

Alison Smedleya, Tonia Crawfordb, and Linda Cloetea found at″>

2. Find and use a peer reviewed article about plagiarism on EbscoHost

3. Find and use a peer reviewed article about plagiarism in InfoTrac

4. Use the worldwide web to find a recent incident (last 20 years) of professional plagiarism which received negative public attention (dire consequences).

· Summarize/paraphrase and quotation from each source.

Ø Only 1 quotation per source.

Ø No long quotations.

Ø No back to back quotations

Note: See below for more information on turning in the paper and the late paper policy.


· Turn your rough draft paper** in to TURNITIN by the date and time it is due (see below for late paper policy).A rough draft is a paper that is totally complete, including APA Title page, Abstract, paper with all information and all citations, and a complete reference page.

· Check the Originality Report. Failure to check the Originality Report may result in a 0 for plagiarism. Remember, the % is not what is necessarily important in the Originality Report.

· Your final paper is turned in to Turnitin (Final Paper)

Late Paper Policy:

· If your rough draft is either 1) incomplete in any way or 2) late, you will lose 40 points from your final paper grade for every 24 hours it is late/incomplete. No exceptions (except under extreme emergencies as decided by the professor).

· For every 24 hours your final paper is late (after the cut off time on Turnitin), 50 points(10%) will be deducted from your final paper grade. The paper is worth a total of 500 points.

· You may not turn in a final draft if you did not turn in a rough draft.

Important Paper Policy:

· An overabundance of quotes may result in an “F” or a “0”, at the instructor’s discretion.

· I will not be grading or making comments on your rough draft. I am simply checking that it is compete.

· You will receive feedback from peers. For feedback on your paper to make sure it is correct, you should get input from the writing lab; however, YOU are ultimately responsible to make sure you do not plagiarize.

Final Paper Grade:

· see the rubric on the course homepage of mycomplab and on Turnitin

· Any plagiarism will mean a failing grade for the course.

· To check your graded rubric in Turnitin, open the paper, click on Grade Mark tab, click on the icon in the lower right hand corner (looks like building blocks). Comments may also be found on the paper in Grade Mark.

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