Suppose you want to bring about a change in your organization. Do you really know how to go about making that change? You may use some type of strategy to convey the change process. You may also focus on the impact of the change and how it will benefit the organization. However, some employees might resist this change, so you need to have a backup plan to convince these employees.

Read the following case:

Groth, T. (2003). Revolution at Oticon A/S (A): Vision for a change-competent organization. In T. D. Jick & M. A. Peiperl (Eds.), Managing change: Cases and concepts (2nd ed., pp. 268- 280). Boston: Irwin/McGraw Hill.
ISBN 0-25-626458-9.

Read and discuss the case.

Analyze the change effort using Nadler's integrated change agenda - values, governance, operating environment, operational performance, organization, strategy, and purpose.

Include any other important components you believe should be part of a complete case analysis.

Make a recommendation on how Lars Kolind should proceed, given the resistance he is facing.
Here is the article in case your unable to research it
Revolution at Oticon A/S (A): Vision for a change-competent organization