Management: PEACE Domestic Violence Agency

Management: PEACE Domestic Violence Agency

Subject: Business    / Management

1. Re-read your chosen organization scenario provided in Appendix B. (PEACE Domestic Violence Agency).

2. Create an evaluation plan for the new program you devised (Twenty-four-hour Interaction program) for your Appendix B scenario organization. Use both process and outcome evaluations in your overall evaluation plan, unless you feel one of these evaluation types is inappropriate for your program. If inappropriate, explain why. Use at least 2 citations in your paper, correctly referenced, to aid in defining evaluation processes.

3. Describe the specific types of evaluations and measurement tools you would include in your evaluation plan in order to effectively evaluate your human service program.

4. Explain how each evaluation or tool used would serve to analyze various processes and intended outcomes.

5. Follow the writing format of:

A. In your introduction, tell the reader what you plan to cover in your paper

B. In the body of your written assignment, respond to each component of the assignment clearly and concisely

C. In your summary, tell the reader what you covered in your paper.

Write a 1,200 to 1,500 word paper that addresses the above elements. Remember to correctly cite 2 sources and use in-text citations.