MANAGEMENT 335 – Find Healthcare Management Software

Subject: Business    / Management

Chapter 9 of your text discusses cost containment, and methods of assessing and managing costs. Much of today’s healthcare financial management relies on software and online resources. Review the chapter reading and complete the following assignment:

1. Use an online search to find Healthcare Management Software. Choose two healthcare management software products to review.

2. Compare both products as if you are a hospital manager responsible for implementing a new management system. Include information about technical support, implementation, training, and costs.

3. Include potential issues you may experience during implementation, and methods used to overcome.

4. Essay must be APA formatted, a minimum of 3-4 pages (approximately 1000 words), and include at least 2 references. Please note this is not an opinion paper. Must be written in Persuasive Essay format. Please review the following information for more detail on persuasive essays: (Links to an external site.)