Subject: Business / Management
1. In the beginning of the semester, Tim explained would be broken up into three
separate parts, Analyze, Formulate, and Implement. I was wondering what
people thought of the formulate section we just reviewed, since it included many
terms we have heard before, but Tim has had us apply them in different areas.
For example, we were all encouraged to form some strategic management
advice to their companies within the REAL case, which makes us have to use
insight to answer the question with something that provides value. For me
personally, this portion of the class has allowed to understand what kinds of
research I can do to provide insight to help companies for future revenue growth.
Which I appreciate, because it takes you deeper than just learning the base
term, or even just seeing an example. It has forced me to come up with my own
examples, which I believe will help me when I compete for possible
2. I was wondering what your opinions are on the fact many students choose not to
post on the discussion board, despite some clear advantages to doing so. We all
know we receive compensation for each post, based on rating and content,
which is probably the number one incentives. Yet, students do not post to gain
salary to gain an advantage among their classmates. Also, it leaves a gateway
for students to express ideas, concerns, and advice with other students about
the course. Even still, no one tends to post all that much. I believe it is because
the discussion board is only a way to gain small amounts of money, but it does
not seem worth it for the time. If the board was stressed more as a way for the
students to connect, and maybe even do not reveal it is for compensation, and
that may promote students to post more. At the same time, it may discourage
many from posting, since many do not want to spend the time doing one, only for
intrinsic gain. What are some ways you think the discussion board can gain
some more posters?

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