lululemon athletica, Inc. in 2014: Can the company get back on track

Subject: Business    / Management

Case–lululemon athletica, Inc. in 2014: Can the company get back on track?

1. What are the company’s vision/mission and objectives?

2. Corporate strategy and business (or competitive) strategy What have been the key elements of the company’s corporate strategy up until the time of the case? What is the company’s business strategy ? What role does corporate culture play in the implementation of the company’s strategies?

3. Industry analysis Define the industry to which the company belongs. Using Porter’s five forces model, analyze the competitive forces in this industry . Discuss those factors or problems which are most important for this industry and why they are important.

4. Company situation analysis Make lists of internal strengths, internal weaknesses, external opportunities, and external threats. Be sure to include analysis of financial information in examining the company’s internal capabilities. Based on your analysis, summarize the major strategic issues facing the company and industry.

5. Recommendations Select and describe a strategy for this company. Your strategy recommendations should be justified in terms of how well they deal with environmental threats, take advantage of opportunities, minimize internal weaknesses, and utilize the organization’s competitive strengths.