1. Levi Strauss sells the same products, Levi’s, Dockers, and Slates, to multiple channels of distribution, from high-image (Bloomingdale’s) to low-image (Sears, Mervyns) outlets. What would you suggest as a distribution strategy so that the company can better differentiate its product by channel and not suffer brand confusion problems?
2. List and briefly describe the four major sources of channel conflict as mentioned in the online course resource.

1. It is sometimes said that salespeople should be familiar with their
customers’ marketing plans (e.g., understand the customers’ competitors and customers). Of what use would this information be to the salesperson?
2. Briefly describe three different kinds of sales quotas?

1.For what kinds of products and services would direct e-mail be appropriate? Other than sales, what goals can direct e-mail achieve?