Investment Portfolios

Investment Portfolios

Paper Title: Investment Portfolios

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Description: ITV is a commercial basis to meet nevertheless as a “public service broadcaster” and has quasipublic law obligations concerning the scope, quality and balance of news and information programs. By the end of the 1990s had been here two media companies enforced: Granada and Carlton controlled 11 of the 15 ITV licenses. Granada was founded in 1934 to take over a chain of movie theaters. A year later the IPO, and into the 70’s, when movie palaces from bingo chips were, the company was one of the nation’s largest movie theater operators. Coinciding with the introduction of ITV rose Granada 1954, with a license for the north of England into television: Granada Television broadcasts today from Manchester, invented the soap opera (“Coronation Street” has been running for over 40 years) and was one of the most profitable TV companies in Britain. Carlton began in the printing industry and changed the mid-1980s in the film and TV production (post production, special effects).